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Swedish Specialized Center for Special Needs is an early intervention center focusing on improving the quality of lives of People of Determination (PoD) and their families. In line with the UAE’s vision to create an inclusive city for all, we strive to do our part by collaborating and partnering up with various sectors and stakeholders whose primary focus is on the care and education of People of Determination.

With our unique service model, we have ensured that we cover a wide range of support systems to our partners to ensure the inclusion, education, awareness, and empowerment of people of determination.  

We strongly believe

 in the social model of disability, which says that people are disabled by barriers in society, not by their impairment or difference. Barriers can be physical, educational, or professional. Primarily, they can be caused by people's attitudes to difference, like assuming that people with different needs can't do certain things. The social model helps us recognize barriers that make life harder for people of determination. Removing these barriers creates equality and offers people of determination more independence, choice and control.

We strongly believe

that the family is the key to any child’s progress, and we have therefore created a unique program to empower families in leading a healthy lifestyle with their children, equipping them with the right tools and strategies to manage challenging behaviors, improve communication and learn new skills. Click here for more information on our program Family Take the Lead.

We base our work

on this philosophy and therefore our services expand to different sectors in the community such as schools, nurseries, hospitals, clinics, universities, and private/government organizations. Part of what we do includes increasing awareness to educators, providing the right tools for specialists, introducing fresh graduates to the field of early intervention, supporting organizations in setting up inclusive settings, offering early intervention services to children, and family support.

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