Swedish Specialized Center for Special Needs

Child Care Consultation Program

About the Program

Succeed with Consultation

Special Needs Child Care Consultation program is for any child up to age 12. A special need includes physical, behavioral, developmental, mental or emotional needs. Our specialists teach the child care providers and parents the tools to effectively work with children who have these issues.

Services are provided on-site, where our therapists can interact with the child, observe his/her behavior, obtain feedback from providers and parents, and work with child care providers on methods to improve behaviors. As a team, we create a plan for the child to help him/her succeed in the program in which they are enrolled.

Through our experienced staff of professionals who specializes in behavioral healthcare for children, the Swedish specialized center for special needs is able to provide on-site consultation services to any family or parent. This program aims to increase and improve special needs child care through specialized training for providers, parents and caregivers.

Behaviors we help treat:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • hitting or other aggressive behaviors

  • tantrums

  • eating disorders

  • lack of communication skills

  • Inability to carry out academic tasks

  • Inability to depend on oneself (self-help)

  • Inability to control behaviors (including stereotypies)

Strategies we impliment:​

  • Learning self-control

  • Enhancing self-esteem

  • Learning how to properly express feelings

  • Strengthening positive behavior

  • Learning how to get along with peers