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ABAT Training

Why Join Our ABAT Training?

At the Swedish Specialized Center for Special Needs (SSC), we offer a comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis Technician Training (ABAT) program, proudly endorsed by QABA. Our program is designed to provide top-notch education and professional development, offering numerous benefits to support your career advancement:

ABAT Training is the trusted choice for quality education and career advancement, helping you take the essential step towards your ABA license.

Endorsement by QABA: SSC is a QABA-approved coursework provider, ensuring the highest quality of education and professional development.

Flexible Learning: Our ABAT Training is available both online and onsite, accommodating your unique learning preferences.

Networking: Meet like-minded professionals and expand your social network in the special needs community.

40-Hour Training: Our program spans 40 hours, providing a solid foundation in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) within the context of special needs support.

1. Context

The ABAT Training program at SSC prepares individuals to serve as entry-level behavior interventionists in the special needs field. Key components include:

1. Understanding behavior and decision-making through ABA principles.

2. Implementation of ABA-based strategies, collaborating with families for comprehensive support.

3. Effective communication strategies for engaging with families.

4. Participation in research activities, group discussions, and practical sessions.

5. Skill development in report writing, intervention plan creation, and collaboration for sustainable solutions.

2. Learning Objectives

Our ABAT Training program focuses on achieving essential learning objectives, including:

1. Autism Core Knowledge

2. Legal, Ethical, and Professional Considerations

3. Core Principles of ABA

4. Antecedent Interventions

5. Skill Acquisition Programming

6. Behavior Reduction Interventions

7. Data Collection and Analysis

3. Training Takeaways

Upon completion, participants receive:

ABAT Training Certificate of Achievement from SSC

Potential for Full-Time Employment Opportunities

Ambassadorship opportunities at SSC

4.  Eligibility

The ABAT Training program is open to:

Graduates with a background in psychology, special education, social services, and related fields.

Learning Support Assistants, Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs), Special Educators, and professionals in the special needs field.

Those seeking to enhance their skills in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) within the context of special needs support.

5. Training Duration

The ABAT Training program is a flexible 40-hour course, allowing participants to study at their own pace.

ABAT Training Fees

The cost of the ABAT Training program is 1500 AED. If you are interested in joining, fill out this form to initiate the process. We look forward to having you on board!

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