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Al Jalila Foundation, Dubai (WORKSHOP) (Feb 2016 - March 2018)

The first initiative under Ta’alouf is the Parents Training Program,  in which parents and guardians gain life-changing skills that enable them to manage their children’s disorders. The 5-day program is fully sponsored by Al Jalila Foundation and delivered in collaboration with the Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination. At different  training batches, Swedish Specialized Center for Special Needs full-day workshops to parents in  the following topics: • Acquiring practical intervention for children with challenging behaviors/ mental disorder • Communication strategies and identifying challenging behaviors

Autism is my Superpower – Awareness conference, April 2014

Swedish Specialized Center for Special Needs sets up an autism awareness conference in Cairo initiative to raise awareness about Autism. Swedish Specialized Center for Special Needs presenting a session under the theme  “Autism- Different, not Less”. In this conference, SSC highlighted the fact that autism is a disorder and not a disease.  The key differences between disease and disorders were presented to the audience. SSC also discussed how people with autism fit in within the school and education system and how best we can support them to be included in the bigger community.

Autism is my Superpower – Awareness conference, April 2014

The first conference set up by SSC for autism awareness in Cairo. Rather than spreading awareness on the standard negative aspects of autism,  SSC decided to shed a positive light on the abilities and  incredible talents of people with autism.

Swedish Specialized Center for Special Needs to present the gifts of some prominent individuals with autism who have stunned the world with their exceptional art,  photographic memory, and math skills.

Distance Education & E-learning Summit. UAE 19 – 21 January 2021

Presenter on the topic of “Accessibility of distance learning technologies to children with learning differences.”In light of the COVID19-pandemic that has turned our entire world into online learning and working, SSC was selected as part of the online event Distance Education & E-learning Summit. As a speaker and panelist in this event, SSC discussed learning technologies that have helped children with special educational needs and disabilities. SSC highlighted the importance of the role of the family in this type of learning and ended with presenting success stories on some of their students during the distance learning period. 

Early Childhood Development Forum Global Online Conclave. India  9 – 10 June 2020

Presenter on the topic of “Challenges and the necessary provisions of extra student support for children with special needs”. In this global online conclave, SSC discussed the challenges that students with special needs face during this pandemic. SSC presented some strategies that help students learn in a more effective way bearing in mind their mental health and wellbeing.

Autirose Hub. UAE 12 July 2020

Presenter in a webinar on “Autism Empowerment Tools” In this webinar set up by Autirose Hub, SSC presented a variety of autism empowerment tools to an international audience of parents of children with autism.

SSC presented scientific-based interventions that have been proven effective at home and can be applied by caregivers. These include the use of visual support, communication strategies and understanding challenging behaviors.

Early Childhood Development Forum, India  Awareness webinar on Autism Spectrum Disorder 25 May 2020

In this webinar, SSC discussed the signs and symptoms of autism. SSC pointed out red flags that parents should be aware of in the course of development of their children. SSC also gave a variety of intervention strategies for parents to use at home to encourage and develop communication skills and to decrease challenging behaviors in their children.

Ain Shams University, Cairo (WORKSHOP PRESENTER)  July 2017

SSC presented a lecture on Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) to students at Ain Shams University. SSC explained the symptoms of SPD and the impact of this on young children and adults. In this lecture, causes and interventions to SPD were presented, and the lecture ended with a Q&A session from the students.

Autism awareness conference  April 2018

SSC set up an autism awareness conference in Cairo as part of the “Swedish Specialized Center for Special Needs” initiative to raise awareness on Autism. SSC presented a session on the various aspects of autism and sensory sensitivities that impact processing in the mind of individuals with Autism.  SSC explained how people with autism process the world differently through their challenges in breaking the routine and rigidity in thinking. Finally, SSC

Ended the session with an activity for the audience to experience the challenges that people with autism go through in their everyday lives.

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