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Family Take The Lead
(Group program)

In order to accommodate for bigger numbers of families and caregivers, we have created an extended version of our FTL program which is based on a 6-week training program that covers various theoretical and hands-on trainings in many of the areas that most families struggle with. The program covers introductions to special needs, behavioral interventions, lifestyle changes and strategies, school support and safeguarding. The program also prepares you for many activities and strategies that you can use at home with your child in order to improve communication, manage challenging behaviors and teach new life-skills. By teaming up with other parents who are facing similar struggles, you will have a chance to conduct different types of hands-on activities to practice what we have learnt in theory.  Have a look at the tables below for a more clear understanding of the program breakdown.

Parent training program breakdown



Safeguarding and wrap up

Exploring abuse related behaviors for children with special needs. Teach de-escalating strategies in case of any incident and how to keep the family and child safe + course wrap up.




Introduction to special needs

Introduction to different special needs alongside analysis of challenging behaviors.


Behavior management

Going over and practicing ABC charts and discuss strategies for each situation to help manage challenging behaviors, improve communication, and teach new skills.



Covering different types of intervention strategies that can be implemented anywhere and practice the different intervention techniques using the right tools and resources.


What to do at home + communication

Tips and tricks on how to help at home and create an environment to support the child. This includes communication accommodations and facilitators that can be used between parents, siblings and child.


How to support your child at school

Includes strategies and methods to collaborate with the school to help the child and create the best environment and plan at school

Parent training layout

6 training topics

Observation videos

4 hours of hands-on activities

10+ research readings

2 group projects

7 hours of practical training

5 hours of theoretical lectures

12 hours of feedback and reflections

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