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A short period can achieve success. 


The beginning of a simple and innovative way in the treatment of autism was able to attract a large amount of cases within a several month. Swedish specialized center for special needs announced its opening in September 2012 in Egypt. only a several months was long enough to attract visitors from different Arab countries, including Libya, Palestine, Syria, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The center has increased the medical tourism in Egypt and is preparing to sign a protocol of cooperation with one of the Arab countries in the coming period.

Alia El Naggar,

Autism treatment


In this interview, Alia El Naggar, CEO and founder of the Swedish Specialized Center for Special Needs, is describing the treatment of ABA (applied behaviour analysis), and why it is the most effective method for children with autism. Aknowledging that every child with autism is different and that their treatment may differ from another child, Alia explains that the method of ABA therapy is still the best way to treat any child with autism.

The mother...

and her child.


SSC for special needs hosted a special event on mothers day for the children with autism and their mothers. In this event, the mothers of our children received a recognition award for their outstanding mothership. Being a mother to a child with autism is not an easy task, but eventually it is sought to be more rewarding. Our prominant supporters did also give their speech on the importance of a mother, and how her positive influence can help her child.