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How are we different?

As part of our strong belief in inclusion and family involvement, we differ from other centers in our approach of therapy and early intervention. We have partnered up with a set of schools, nurseries and educational institutions in which our children are enrolled to ensure our presence and support on a consistent basis.

We ensure inclusion by supporting our children through their educational setting by:

1- Our newly launched program “Family Take The Lead” which is a program created specifically for the purpose of empowering families to empower their children. Click here for more information on FTL program.

2- Involving family members in the therapeutic process through observations of the sessions, continuous training, meetings and supervision.

3- Involving family members in each step of the child’s program, making necessary changes and adapting to the family’s needs and requirements.

4- Providing the family with all therapy documentation of the child including the plan, programs, implementation techniques and training.

We ensure family involvement through:

1- Offering therapy sessions in their educational setting (e.g. child’s school or nursery) rather than in a segregating setting (where child only interacts with a therapist).

2- Creating a joint intervention program with the school/nursery where the child attends both his/her therapy sessions as well as hours in the mainstream school/nursery.

3- Offering continuous support and training to teachers in order to make sure that the child can learn independently with the presence of the teacher alone in school/nursery.

4- Holding regular meetings with teachers and school/nursery staff to oversee the child's intervention plan, and the overall progress of the child in the educational setting.

5- Having one of our specialists on-site in the school/nursery on a regular basis to ensure the availability of support both to educators, parents and the child.

1- Following child’s lead and interests to manage behaviors and teach new skills.

2- Introducing him/her to new therapy programs through a playful approach

3- Transitioning the child to a mainstream school/nursery setting in a gradual manner involving techniques that take off any burden or stress on the child

4- Working with the child using a natural environment approach so that s/he can generalize the skills learnt in any other setting.

We ensure the comfort and safety of the child throughout our intervention process by:

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