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Internship and Graduate Training Programs

Our unique, flexible self-study internship and graduate training programs cover a wide range of topics in the field of psychology and special needs. We are working towards training undergraduates, graduates, learning support assistants, special educators, and other specialists from the special needs field.

Our internship and graduate training programs cover a wide range of theoretical training topics, observations, research and hands on projects, in addition to the supervised - practical training.  Our interns and trainees are guided throughout our unique program to enhance their skills and knowledge in the special needs field, after which they will be able to pursue their career in.

Internship and Training Outcomes

  • Learn about the different types of disabilities

  • Learn how to conduct various assessment strategies to evaluate child’s strength and weaknesses.

  • Learn different behavioral strategies and techniques based on ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) principles.

  • Learn how to implement such techniques to work with the child in the therapy sessions as well as the parents.

  • Learn communication strategies with families and understand the psychological processes and well-being of the families that we work with.

  • Observe sessions/videos and taking notes to help in applying the theoretical facts learnt.

  • Conduct research, group discussions and brainstorming sessions to complete tasks and projects. The projects include creating presentations on different topics, creating videos, developing forms and documents and many other stimulating activities.                                                                                                                       

  • Write and review reports and create intervention plans for children with disabilities using real case scenarios.

  • Ideate sustainable solutions to understand the services in the market

  • Have a chance to conduct family meetings, consultations sessions, training to teachers/parents and attend assessment sessions.

Our Internship and Graduate Training Programs List

Our programs include but are not limited to:

Description of training program

Clinical practice program (LSA, ABA, SEN)

Program Name

Early intervention program

This is an 8 - 12-week flexible self-study program that covers theoretical trainings and practical trainings. The topics include the different disabilities, behavioral interventions, behavior management strategies, family communication and support etc. The practical aspect covers the implementation of the theoretical trainings including hands-on activities, group projects, screenings, consultations, and independent work

This is a 6 month or 1 year program (depending on your preference). In this program, you will gain theoretical knowledge on different disabilities and interventions. After completing certain weeks of theoretical lectures + completing the quizzes and assessments, you will be able to shadow therapists then conduct assessments, provide interventions under supervision. This program is set to help students that are aiming for a postgraduate study that needs a minimum of 6 months clinical experience.

Psychology specialization program

This is a 4-week internship program that offers to help students with experiencing different types of psychologists in the field. This program is partnered with several different entities to allow students to shadow specialists/psychologists.

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