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Project Implementation

Project Implementation is another additional service that supports UAE’s vision for creating an inclusive city for people of determination. As a center it is our mission and goal to be a part of this movement through collaboration with educational, government and private entities. We create, design, and implement different projects for different sectors, such as schools, nurseries, universities, government sectors, hospitals, etc. in order to implement inclusive practices within their organizations.

We have partnered with several schools, nurseries, government entities and non-profit organizations throughout the UAE and Egypt, where we executed theoretical, practical and evidence based interventions and programs such as;



Partner with educational institutions like schools, nurseries, learning centers and other institutions to setup an early intervention center that supports children of determination

Setup of Early Intervention Centers

On-site & comprehensive system setup of inclusion departments in schools, nurseries and universities based on MOE guidelines. This includes training courses, workshops/seminars, integration strategies, intervention plans for creating inclusivity.

Setting up inclusive departments at different institutions and organizations.

On site classroom / procedure room setups, in addition to theoretical trainings to understand the ways to implementing inclusive settings to people of determination. This includes trainings courses → LSA and Teacher courses, Workshops/Seminars, Sensory Room Integration, On-site inspections, On-site therapist and supervisor.

Setting up inclusive environments in classrooms, hospitals, universities and workplace.

Creating inclusive child care programs.

Includes a system that will enable daycares and other early child care programs to effectively integrate inclusive strategies and safe environments children of determination through practical and theoretical training as well as, on-site inspections.

Training programs to be used and implemented by the organization for employees, such as Learning support assistants, special educators, teachers, and other staff members.

Creating training programs for organizations.

Creating vocational trainings and programs.

This project will includes theoretical and practical training in order to allow people of determination to work in Private/Public sectors adequately, using their unique skills and appropriate communication to enable them to reach their full potential alongside mainstream colleagues. This includes training courses, resources and materials for people of determination to aid in integrating into workplaces, Workshops/Seminars

Para-curriculum’ implementation in schools/universities through the guidance of the department of Education. Develop policies and practices for management and employees to effectively integrate people of determination into the work place with the ability to successfully enable their full potential and understand the benefits of PoDs divergent outlooks. This includes trainings, strategies, and emerging environments and communication skills.

Developing policies and practices on integrating people of determination into educational institutions and workplace.

Creating awareness campaigns for different organizations on different topics, such as anti-bullying, classroom inclusion, Safe environment for POD etc. 

Creating awareness campaigns.

Bridge the Health Care Gap

This project strives to bridge the gap between healthcare for mainstream patients and people of determination. It includes theoretical and practical training as well as, on-site inspection to evaluate the level of inclusivity in terms of environments.

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