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At the age of 4, Salma came to our center and was diagnosed with autism. Salmas' mother has visited many centers and hospitals thinking that her daughter would be treated properly. But as she explains in this video, those attempts failed and only set Salma backwards. After Salma had been treated by our therapists, her case changed drastically...

Oways came to us at the age of 4, diagnosed with autism. He did not respond to his father and he could not communicate verbally or socialize with anyone. After starting intervention at Swedish specialized center for special needs, Oways began to speak and socialize with others. He started recognizing and responding to his father. He can now read, write, speak and express himself.

Ward is a little boy diagnosed with autism who came from Palestine to start intervention at Swedish Specialized Center for Special Needs. When Ward came he was diagnosed with severe autism, aggressive behaviours, and no speech. Today Ward is able to communicate through verbal speech, knows his family members, likes to interact socially, and is capable of going to a mainstream nursery.  

This is the success story of Mostafa, who was incapable of speaking, identifying colors, objects and numbers and who was in no way able to communicate. After only four months at the Swedish Specialized Center for Special Needs, Mostafa is now capable of speaking sentences, identifying objects, coloring as well as identifying his mother and father

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