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Training & Professional Development

In line with the UAE’s vision towards creating a cohesive and inclusive society, SSC for Special Needs supports this proposition by delivering high standard training and workshops to undergraduate & graduate students, families, professionals, educational institutions, schools, nurseries, hospitals and clinics.

We are equipped with the team of professionals and resources to provide comprehensive trainings and workshops, to the community, to achieve the goal where the rights and access to equitable opportunities for people of determination are assured and protected.

Our training programs include short term and long-term training and are designed and delivered by BCBA/BCaBA instructors, early childhood specialists, licensed psychologists, and inclusive education experts. We customize/tailor several training programs based on the specific needs of individuals, families, small groups or institutions.

Our long-term training programs include practical hands-on experiences to strengthen knowledge and ensure the application of techniques learnt.

Our wide range of training topics include, but are not limited to:

1- Early childhood development

2- Introduction of inclusive education and SEN; understanding of categories of disabilities and importance of the teacher’s role in inclusion

3- Identifying children with learning disabilities, assisting, and managing the challenging behaviors

4- Behavior management

5- Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP)

6- Visual support for individuals with autism & other special needs

7- Sensory processing disorders

8- Verbal behavior (teaching speech and verbalizations to individuals with disabilities)

9- Understanding Autism and working with students on the spectrum

10- Individualized education plans (IEP)

11- iSENCO training for schools

12-RBT (Registered Behavior Technician) training

13- Inclusive Thinking in Education

14- Assessment of students of determination

15- Curriculum modification and adaptation

16- Identifying gifted and talented students

17- Learning Support Assistant role in inclusion

18- Planning for Differential, Individualized and Personalized instruction in virtual classroom

19- Behavior and classroom management

20- Learning disabilities and how to identify them

21-Practical Strategies for working with students of determination

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