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Verbal Behavior Therapy

In addition to ABA therapy, we also offer Verbal Behavior therapy (VB) which teaches both communication and language based on B.F.

Skinner’s theories and analysis. VB therapy is used to teach functional communication and language (connecting words, pictures, signs or gestures with their purposes).

This encourages the learner to understand that words could help them get to what they want. However, VB does not only focus on labels, but rather it teaches why and how words could be useful in communication and in making requests.

Verbal Behavior focuses on four functions of language, known as “verbal operants”.

These include:

Manding (requesting)

Tacting (Labeling)

Echoic (repetition or imitation of a word)

Intraverbal (conversation

–responding to a question)

Verbal Behavior therapy and ABA Therapy can be combined to work towards communication goals.

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